Written by: Sarah Kirton on Sep 1st, 2022

Animal Care Trust USA 2022: Care for Your Pet – Even When You Can’t

Peggy Hoyt is an Animal Advocate, Pet Mom and Founder of Animal Care Trust USA. She reveals more to DeliveryRank about this relatively new concept that cares for the future of our animals, once we no longer can! Read more

The current retirement plan laws make it easy for you to support animals using your Traditional or Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  If you are over the age of 72, you can leverage your IRA to make tax-free contributions – up to $100,000 per year – to the charities of your choice.  We hope you’ll consider Animal Care Trust USA, Inc.  

All you need to do is to direct your IRA custodian to make a distribution directly to your favorite animal charity.  The distribution will not be subject to income tax when paid directly to the charity.  Likewise, there is no corresponding charitable deduction; it is a tax neutral transaction, but one that offers many benefits.    Read more

Today, we welcomed to the show, Claudia Labbe, the Fundraising/Public Relations Chairperson for Your Humane Society SPCA (also known as the Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County, Florida).  Claudia has loved animals all her life but until age 21 was allergic.  When she was free from her allergies her pet family grew.  Today she has a horse, a donkey, a mini mule, a dog and two cats.  She is a vocal advocate for estate planning for your pets reminding pet parents, “It is just one more way to be a responsible pet owner.”

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Today’s guest was Francia Vogini, President of Husky Haven of Florida.  Francia began rescuing dogs seven years ago when she saw a dog on social media that needed a foster home.  Although she already had three huskies of her own, her heart said she needed to get involved.  She helped find a forever home for her foster and saw how much this dog helped the adopter overcome her depression.  That was all it took and Francia was hooked.    Read more

Today’s guest was the founder of Godspeed Horse Hotel and Humane Society (GHH), Mia Genovesi.  She is a life-long horse lover and advocate for all animals.  Mia started working with horses when she was 13 years old and hasn’t stopped.  She has a degree in Equine Business Management, another in Metaphysical Studies and holds an Animal Policy Certificate.   

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Today’s show focused on Town & County K9 ResQ located in Mohegan Lake, New York.  Town & County is a 501c3 charity devoted to finding loving homes for adoptable pets and keeping current pets with their owners and out of the shelter system when times are tough.   

Jen and I share a life-long passion for dogs.  Hers became a full-time career after retiring from thirty-two years in the world of finance in New York City.  She is originally from Duchess County, New York, and her dream is to return to her home-town on a 10.5 acre farm where she can carry out the mission of Town & Country.    Read more

Estate planning for pets is a popular topic.  Today’s guest, Kathy Boyle, is a trusted advisor who educates her clients about the importance of including pets as part of a family’s estate plan.  It comes as no surprise that many people consider their pets to be part of the family.  In that light, it makes sense to include them in your personal estate plan.    Read more

What is the Paw and Feather Plan?  The Paw and Feather Plan was created in 2018 by Jessica Pita to provide care for pets when a pet parent is no longer able, due to death, illness or extreme life events.  They specialize in placing pets in permanent, loving homes.   

Jessica has been a shelter volunteer and an employee.  She has seen the sadness, the agony and heartbreak that loved pets experience when they have lost their pet parent.  Pets are given up to shelters for many reasons – but one reason a pet should NEVER be in a shelter is because the pet parent didn’t have a plan.    Read more

Today’s special guest was Fraily Rodriguez, Vice President of Operations for Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (PAGO). Fraily is a seasoned not for profit professional with more than 15 years of experience.