Forever Loved Pet Trust™

The Forever Loved Pet Trust™ is a personalized pet trust with options.

The Forever Loved Pet Trust is a trust created by us, personalized by you. You can modify this trust to meet your needs and the needs of your pet. You have the option to choose your pet caregivers, pet trustees, and remainder beneficiaries OR you can enlist Animal Care Trust USA to provide your pet with a Forever Family or Forever Sanctuary and provide pet trustee services. Enrollment in our Forever Loved Pet Protection Plan ensures your pet will have lifetime love and care.

The Forever Loved Pet Trust is perfect for multiple loved pets, and you can get yours for $500 plus required minimum funding, in addition to enrollment in the Forever Loved Pet Protection Plan for just $10 per month.

Forever Loved Placement Programs

(Requires enrollment in the Forever Loved Pet Protection Plan.)

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Forever Family

Your loved pet will be placed with a Forever Family™ who will love and care for your pet in the event of your disability or death.

Your pet trust assets will be used to provide the resources for oversight of your pet on a monthly and annual basis, contribute to their medical expenses, and cover the cost of the Forever Loved Journey's End™ final disposition.

This is our most popular option and the perfect choice for most loved pets.

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Forever Sanctuary

Your loved pet will join a community of other loved pets at a Forever Sanctuary™ for a lifetime of love and care. You may choose the sanctuary, or we can help you make the selection.

This program is ideal for parents of horses, birds, and reptiles. However, it may also be suitable for hard to place dogs and cats.

***Costs associated with this program are the annual care costs of your pet and estimated life expectancy.

Services Provided

A Forever Family™ for Your Loved Pet

We will select the perfect Forever Family™ or Forever Sanctuary™ for your loved pet. You will have peace of mind that your pet will be safe and loved.

Monthly Monitoring and Annual Healthy Pet Vet Check

We will “visit” your pet monthly via electronic media to ensure your pet's health and well-being. In addition, we will require your loved pet’s Forever Family or Forever Sanctuary to provide annual veterinary evidence that your loved pet is receiving proper love and care.

**Veterinary certification required​

Covered Medical Expenses

Up to $200 per year for covered medical expenses for small mammals, $500 per year for cats, $700 per year for dogs, and $1,000 per year for horses.

Covered medical expenses include routine vet visits, chronic or emergency care, including annual veterinary certificate, monthly flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, and prescriptions.

Forever Loved Journey’s End™

At the end of your loved pet’s lifetime, this includes clinic or at-home euthanasia through an approved partner or service provider with cremation for small mammals, cats, and dogs and final disposition of remains.

It includes on-site burial or cremation and final disposition of remains for horses, in the discretion of Animal Care Trust USA.

Minimum required funding at time of disability or death per pet.

1. Small mammals – $10,000

2. Cats – $15,000

3. Dogs – $25,000

4. Horses – $75,000 

(Proof of funding and Funding Agreement required.)

If you have exotic pets, birds, or reptiles, call us for minimum recommended funding requirements. 

Forever Loved Pet Protection Plan™ Benefits

The Pet Protection Plan is the monthly service for $10 per month and is required for the ACT4Pets Community Trust, the Forever Loved Pet Trust and anytime ACT is serving as Trustee.

Secures your pet's lifetime placement and pet trustee services

This is your pet's reservation so you can be sure that when our services are needed, we are ready to act without delay.

Forever Loved Pet Profile™ Amendment services.

Update your Forever Loved Pet Profile™ as needed.

**Recommended at least once annually.

Exclusive Pet Trust Spotlight Workshops

Stay educated to stay motivated. Our educational series will keep you advised of changes in the law that affect the lifetime care of your pet.

Subscription to the Loved Pet Press.

Get the latest updates from ACT USA and advance notice and participation in new product releases.