Pet Trustee Services

We provide professional trustee and fiduciary services for Pet Trusts.

Our oversight, administration, investment, and distribution services are designed for one purpose – to protect and provide for your pet’s lifetime love and care.

Pet Trustee Options

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Bring Your Own Pet Trust

If you have a pet trust created by your attorney but need a pet trustee, we can help. Submit your trust for review and approval.
(Minimum funding, trustee services agreement and enrollment in the Forever Loved Pet Protection Plan are required.)

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Create A Custom Pet Trust

Work with one of our qualified Florida attorneys to create a custom pet trust designed to specifically meet your unique needs and the needs of your loved pets.
You can create a standalone pet trust or a pet trust that compliments your revocable living trust plan.
Contact us today to schedule a complimentary call.

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Download our Forever Loved Pet Trust™ - personalized for you and your loved pet

You have options. You can choose your pet caregivers, pet trustee and remainder beneficiary OR you can enlist the help of Animal Care Trust for placement with an approved Forever Family or Forever Sanctuary partner and pet trustee services.

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Join our first-of-its-kind ACT4Pets Community Pet Trust™

Our most affordable option. We've created the Master Trust. You join by signing our Joinder Agreement, providing proof of funding and enrolling in our Forever Loved Protection Plan. Your pet will receive lifetime love and care with an approved Forever Family™ or Forever Sanctuary™ partner.

Our Pet Trustee Services don't have the high cost minimums you'll find at traditional banks or trust companies. 

Our Pet Trustee Services were designed for one purpose—to protect and provide for your loved pet, giving you peace of mind.