Pet Trustee Services

We provide professional trustee and fiduciary services for Pet Trusts.

Our oversight, administration, investment and distribution services are designed for one purpose – to protect and provide for pet’s lifetime love and care.

Pet Trustee Options

Bring Your Own Pet Trust

If you have a pet trust but need help ensuring your pet will have lifetime love and care, we can help.

Create A Custom Pet Trust

Work with one of our qualified Florida attorneys to custom design a Forever Loved Pet Trust.

Download our personalized Forever Loved Pet Trust

You choose your Pet Caregivers and Pet Trustee. Choose your Forever Loved Option: Forever Family™ or Forever Sanctuary™.

Join our first-of-its-kind ACT4Pets Community Pet Trust

Our most affordable option. Your pet will receive lifetime love and care with our Forever Family™ or Forever Sanctuary™. Options.

Our Pet Trustee Services don't have the high costly minimums you'll find at traditional banks or trust companies. 

Our Pet Trustee Services were designed for one purpose—to protect and provide for your loved pet, giving you peace of mind.