Today’s guest was the founder of Godspeed Horse Hotel and Humane Society (GHH), Mia Genovesi.  She is a life-long horse lover and advocate for all animals.  Mia started working with horses when she was 13 years old and hasn’t stopped.  She has a degree in Equine Business Management, another in Metaphysical Studies and holds an Animal Policy Certificate.   

Founded in 2004, GHH is a multi species animal welfare rescue and humane society that provides food, medical, placement and solutions to animal welfare problems, free of charge.  She is dedicated to providing services for all animals including horses, farm animals, wildlife and companion animals.  They are currently only accepting horses and far animals seized in cruelty cases.  You can learn more by visiting her website at   

GHH has several initiatives that tackle complex animal welfare programs that include working equines, a large animal crematorium, feral cat contraception, animal response, animal cruelty surveillance and prevention as well as local and state animal welfare legislation.  The working horse initiative provides hay, tack, stable supplies, blankets and hoof trimming to horses that are used in work related programs such as equine programs for the disabled.  In addition, she has partnered with four other animal welfare organization to build a joint facility for horse cremation and composting.  This initiative is intended to keep horses out of the slaughter house and horse auction pipelines.   

Mia says, “we started out rescuing horses and have placed hundreds of horses; they are still our main directive.  However, the need became so great for other animals, we knew we had to help.  In the past five years we have expanded our hay bank services to include farm animals, spay/neuter and rabies clinics and pet food banks for local companion animals.  They also support wildlife rehabilitators with supplies.   

Another of her “pet” projects is cat contraception designed to reduce the number of feral cats and the unwanted cat population.  This program is to be made available to humane societies in conjunction with existing trap, neuter and return practices.   

Mia is also partnered with the ASPCA Field Investigations Response Team to provide support in the event of natural disasters and large-scale cruelty cases.  GHH currently accepts animals for care associated to cruelty cases.  They are currently provided housing and care for more than 38 animals seized in a cruelty case, including 21 horses, assorted farm animals and a number of companion animals.  GHH will provide for their care while these victims of abuse await their day in court.   

Mia also works as the local Animal Control Officer in her town and advocates regularly for local and state laws that improve the lives of animals.  She believes that “by starting small you can win big.”  We can all help animals by being their voice on a local basis.  She recommended two books for animal lovers who are interested in making an impact on animal laws.  The first is Get Political for Animals and Win the Laws They Need by Julie Lewin.  You may also be interested in Animal Law Cases & Materials  by Bruce Wagman  

You can support Godspeed Horse Hostel and Humane Society by making a donation or volunteering your time.