The current retirement plan laws make it easy for you to support animals using your Traditional or Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  If you are over the age of 72, you can leverage your IRA to make tax-free contributions – up to $100,000 per year – to the charities of your choice.  We hope you’ll consider Animal Care Trust USA, Inc.  

All you need to do is to direct your IRA custodian to make a distribution directly to your favorite animal charity.  The distribution will not be subject to income tax when paid directly to the charity.  Likewise, there is no corresponding charitable deduction; it is a tax neutral transaction, but one that offers many benefits.   

If you don’t need the income from your IRA but want to make a significant impact for the charities that rely on the generosity of their donors, this is a great way to help.   

If you are under age 72, your charitable donations are also appreciated.  You can make a deductible donation from after-tax income.  Thank you on behalf of Animal Care Trust USA by helping us keep loved pets in loving homes.   

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