Today’s guest was Francia Vogini, President of Husky Haven of Florida.  Francia began rescuing dogs seven years ago when she saw a dog on social media that needed a foster home.  Although she already had three huskies of her own, her heart said she needed to get involved.  She helped find a forever home for her foster and saw how much this dog helped the adopter overcome her depression.  That was all it took and Francia was hooked.   

Today, Husky Haven of Florida rescues homeless Siberian Huskies.  They provide foster homes and medical care until a new forever home is found.  Husky Haven doesn’t have a physical shelter facility, relying on their foster families to provide love and care for the Husky Haven dogs.   

Huskies are pack dogs.  The fact that they are beautiful goes without saying.  They are also smart and talkative but can be stubborn.  They also have a reputation as great escape artists and generally need to be on a leash.  Historically they have been working dogs, so keeping them busy is a must.  Proper training of both pet parent and dog is also highly recommended.   

Huskies are known as cold weather dogs but also thrive in Florida.  They have “smart” fur with a second lawyer that protects them from the cold and from the heat.  It is not unusual to find a husky taking a sunbath each day as they love to lay in the sun!   

You can visit their website to view their adoptable dogs.  You can also make an application for adoption online.  The application and review process are in depth because Husky Haven wants to ensure that all dogs find the right forever home.   You can also help by becoming a Husky Haven foster family.  Francia recommends fostering before adopting.  That way you can know if a husky is the right dog for you! 

Husky Haven has a handi-capable program for huskies that have physical or medical challenges.  Their “poster dog” is Maple, who was rescued from a Tampa, Florida shelter where she was scheduled to be euthanized because she had “deformed front limbs,” but was also described as “very friendly.”  Today, she has a forever home and now represents the organization through its handi-capable program, spreading the message that having a disability is normal.  Since Maple, Husky Haven has been rescuing dogs with disabilities ever since.  You can provide support for one of their handi-capable dogs by visiting their website.   

There are lots of ways to support the work of Husky Haven of Florida.  You can donateyou can volunteeryou can foster and you can adopt.  Purchasing through Amazon Smile and naming Husky Haven of Florida as your charity of choice is another way to help while you shop.  Their website also features a variety of “pet-friendly” masks, and your purchase helps support the Husky Haven family of dogs.