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Pet Trust Approval Application

Do you have a Pet Trust but need a Pet Trustee to ensure your pet will have lifetime love and care?

Complete this form and send it to us together with your Pet Trust (in Word format) and we'll be happy to review your Pet Trust for you.

Forever Loved Pet Profile

Are you in the process of planning for the future of your loved pet?

Use our Forever Loved Pet Profile to help your chosen Pet Caregiver provide your pet with the best possible care.

Drafting Guidelines for Attorneys

These Drafting Guidelines serve as a resource to estate planning and elder law attorneys as they provide guidance to their clients and their pets for the purpose of creating a Custom Pet Trust.

Schedule of Fees

Are you looking to collaborate with Animal Care Trust USA to create a Custom Pet Trust?

This document has all the information you need regarding payments and the schedule of fees.

Pet Trust Funding Calculator

Our Pet Trust Funding Calculator can help you get a better idea of the total investment needed for you to ensure that your loved pet stays cared for.