In a recent episode of All My Children Wear Fur Coats, Nick Musica delves into the world of animal clairvoyance and provides tips for intuitively communicating with pets.

Nick Musica is an SEO expert and psychic animal communicator. After one of Nick’s friends introduced him to the concept of communicating with animals he became fascinated by the topic. Following a consultation with a medium, Nick soon realized his potential. He began communicating with people’s animals and helping individuals develop their own intuitive abilities.

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This week on All My Children Wear Fur Coats, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jae and Adrienne, the owners of Two Crazy Cat Ladies.

Jae and Adrienne own Two Crazy Cat Ladies, a brand created to bring cat parents together and raise awareness about the health and well-being of all kitties. 

Motivated by the lack of available resources for natural feline health, they’ve dedicated their lives to learning and sharing all they can to help cats live the longest, healthiest, and happiest lives possible. 

They host regular live shows on social media to connect with cat parents, answer their questions about their kitties, and share tips about cat health and happiness via blogs and videos. In addition to their passion for learning, sharing, and growing together in the cat community, they offer a line of natural supplements [Feline Essential™] made to help treat and prevent many common cat health issues. And – worth mentioning – they also love cocktails & wine.

The Two Crazy Cat Ladies all-natural product line, Feline Essential, is designed specifically to help cats live longer, healthier lives through the power of real nutrition. 

The Two Crazy Cat Ladies’ aim is to inspire and empower cat parents with the knowledge and products needed to give our feline friends the best life and love possible.

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Today’s show focused on a little talked about topic, gut health and poop.  Did you know that if your pet’s gut is not healthy, your pet won’t be healthy?  Lots of pet parents have been on the medical merry-go-round with digestive health issues.  Now there’s AnimalBiome to help you find the answers you’ve been seeking.  […]

Today’s guest was Cheri Wells, Executie Chairman and Co-Founder of Lovey Loaves Rescue and Sanctuary.  Cheri and her husband Ward have a heart for dogs with special needs.  

Today’s guest was Kim Pruett.  Kim is a “retired” rescuer and self-made animal advocate.  Kim’s life changed in a big way about fifteen years ago when she adopted her dog Rebel (now 15) from a shelter.

Today’s show featured Pet Perennials co-founder, Remy Bibaud.  Remy and her partner, Lori, created Cherished Ones, LLC and Pet Perennials in response to their own loved pets that had passed away. 

Doc’s pet parent died without a plan.  As a result, Doc and his sister, Rasha went to live at the Wild Horse Rescue Center in Mims, Florida.

Today’s show on All My Children Wear Fur Coats featured Jen Leary, a 12 year veteran firefighter and founder of Red Paw Emergency Relief Team.  Her organization serves the pets and families in the Philadelphia, PA area when they are affected by a fire or natural disaster.