Today’s show focused on a little talked about topic, gut health and poop.  Did you know that if your pet’s gut is not healthy, your pet won’t be healthy?  Lots of pet parents have been on the medical merry-go-round with digestive health issues.  Now there’s AnimalBiome to help you find the answers you’ve been seeking.  AnimalBiome is designed to help both dogs and cats.

AnimalBiome, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, advances pet care through microbiome research and products.  Founded by passionate pet parents, AnimalBiome uses revolutionary science to improve your animal’s health.  It’s co-founder and CEO, Holly Ganz is a PhD Microbial Ecologist.  She and her dedicated team have one overall goal – improving the health of your pet.

Let’s talk about Poop

It might seem strange to talk about “poop.”  But, that’s where you get the information you need to improve the health of your pet.  AnimalBiome uses a simple test to discover the health of your pet’s gut.  If your pet’s microbiome is unbalanced then diarrhea, skin, immune system, and weight problems occur.  If you have to manage the resulting unpleasant symptoms, that can affect the quality of life for both you and your pet.

So many factors can impact gut health including environment, illness, diet and medications.  Your pet’s digestive system is a complex internal environment.  To find out about your pet’s gut health, first get the test.  You’ll receive a comprehensive report that provides the information you need to make an informed decision.  Even though there’s a lot of science in the report, AnimalBiome explains all of the results in easy to understand language and graphics.  Your pet’s results are then compared with the results for a healthy dog or cat.  This comparison provides the information you need to  improve your pet’s feeding routine, either by adding more dietary fiber, adding a supplement like psyllium, decreasing simple carbohydrates or balancing bacteria levels.  Other suggestions may include more exercise, good hydration, pre or post biotics and/or reducing certain medications like antibiotics, acid reducers or NSAIDs.

Gut Restoration Supplement

You may find your pet will benefit from a Gut Restoration Supplement (a unique fecal microbiota transplant capsule) to help replace and rebalance gut bacteria and restore gut health.  After treatment, retest your pet and then compare your test results through the online Pet Portal.  Periodic testing insures you always know what’s going on in your pet’s gut.

For more information or to order your test kit today, visit AnimalBiome.