Today’s show featured Pet Perennials co-founder, Remy Bibaud.  Remy and her partner, Lori, created Cherished Ones, LLC and Pet Perennials in response to their own loved pets that had passed away.  They wanted to find a way to remember and memorialize loved pets that would be meaningful to Pet Parents throughout the world.

Their first product, the Pet Perennials Kit, is a patented process where you and your family can create a living legacy for your loved pet.  The kit comes with everything you need to create heart and paw-shaped wafers containing perennial plant seeds and if desired, pet cremains.  These wafers are then planted and each year will produce a beautiful floral reminder of your loved pet.  This product is eco-friendly and helps our environment through pollination.  The Pet Perennials Kit is a loving way to teach younger family members about the loss of a Loved Pet.

The Pet Perennials Kit was so popular, they then released the Healing Hearts Candle, made from lavender and chamomile.  After you’ve enjoyed the candle, you’ll find a suprise – a heart shaped gemstone that is a forever keepsake and daily reminder of the loved shared with your pet.

You can also purchase their Rainbow Bridge mug.  The Rainbow Bridge mug is a useful daily reminder that our loved pets are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge – that magical place in heaven where all of the pets wait for their owners.

Their latest product is the Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher. This timeless keepsake begins with angel wings and transitions into a cascade of crystals, representing the colors of the rainbow and reminding us of the Rainbow Bridge.  At the end of the cascade is a teardrop-prism representing the tears we shed on the day we welcomed our pet and those when we said our final goodbyes.  There’s a special option for horse lovers too.

New products can also be expected to help Pet Parents celebrate certain pet milestones; getting a new pet, a pet birthday; honoring a brave service dog, just to name a few.  Stay tuned as these and other items become available.

Ordering is easy.  You can buy for yourself or send a Sympathy Package to a friend or client.  It’s easy to sign up and there are no minimums or monthly obligations.

The Pet Perennials product line is a perfect gift from a veterinarian, groomer, pet professional or friend to celebrate the amazing legacy of our loved pets.   Order yours today!

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