Today’s guest was Cheri Wells, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Lovey Loaves Rescue and Sanctuary.  Cheri and her husband Ward have a heart for dogs with special needs.

It all started with their dog, Smudge, who at age 12 needed surgery to amputate one of his legs.  it was devastating to Cheri and Ward but Smudge took it all in stride.  It changed their life and opened a new door, one that would introduce them to the world of dogs with special needs.

Today, Cheri is certified in aqua therapy so she can help provide this specialized therapy to dogs who are in her care.  They provide lots of holistic care to their dogs and find special treatments that meet each dog’s individual needs.

One special dog currently at the rescue is Savannah.  Savannah was a gun shot victim.  She was lost from her family and while living on the streets was shot by an uncaring, unkind human.  She was turned in to Orange County Animal Control who immediately contacted Cheri, knowing she could provide Savannah with the right kind of care.  Today, Savannah is recovering and recently learned to use a cart until she can hopefully return to four legs.  You can see her video on FaceBook.

Loavey Loves got its name because Dachshunds looks like “little lovey loaves of bread” when they are lying down.  Cheri and Ward have a soft spot for Doxies and that’s how the rescue was named.  Their long term goal is to have a physical sanctuary where special needs dogs can receive love and treatment.  The organization is currently using a network of fosters who open their homes to these special dogs.  If you want to be a foster, you can reach out to Cheri.

Other ways you can help are to donate, attend a special fund-raising event or purchase a WagAware charm. From now until the end of September, 100% of all sales are being donated to Loavey Loves.  Get yours today!

For more information visit LoveyLoaves. You can find adoptable dogs on PetFinder.