As a dog owner and lover who lives in Manhattan, New York, Lisa Baronoff grew concerned about the germs and chemicals her dogs were encountering on their daily walks.  She tried traditional dog booties and discovered not only did her dogs dislike them, but they were a pain for the her as the pet parent to put on.  In addition, they didn’t stay on well and were worn out after only a few walks.   

As a result, Lisa came up with the idea for the world’s first dog leggings, called Walkee Paws. Her company was founded in 2018.  Walkee Paws are designed to protect dogs from everything that’s outside, while making daily walks more enjoyable.  Walkee Paws have a unique design that allows a pet parent to slip their dog’s legs into the paw pockets without handling their sensitive paws.  They have a loose ankle fit, are super soft and come in cute, stretchy fabrics designed not only for fashion, but canine comfort.  Walkee Paws have a patented over-the-back connector to ensure the booties stay on.  Walkee Paws are water-resistant and keep your dog’s entire leg dry and germ-free.   They have rubber treads that help prevent slipping and protect delicate paws from mud, snow, salt and heat.  They come in an assortment of sizes from extra small to extra large 

In addition to Walkee Paws leggings, you can also accessorize with matching leashes, harnesses and coats.  For more information or to buy Walkee Paws, visit   

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