What is the Paw and Feather Plan?  The Paw and Feather Plan was created in 2018 by Jessica Pita to provide care for pets when a pet parent is no longer able, due to death, illness or extreme life events.  They specialize in placing pets in permanent, loving homes.   

Jessica has been a shelter volunteer and an employee.  She has seen the sadness, the agony and heartbreak that loved pets experience when they have lost their pet parent.  Pets are given up to shelters for many reasons – but one reason a pet should NEVER be in a shelter is because the pet parent didn’t have a plan.   

Creating an estate plan for your loved pet is the kindest thing you can do.  There is no promise for tomorrow – life changes in an instant.  We can experience a life trauma, like a divorce, the loss of a job, or a job transfer overseas.  We can become disabled and not be able to return to our home and our normal activities.  We can die and never return to the pets we love.   

The Paw and Feather Plan offers three primary plans – The Cat Plan, the Bird Plan and the Dog Plan.  In each case, The Paw and Feather Plan will retrieve your pet from your home within twenty-four hours of notification.  Your pet will be integrated into a foster home where he or she will stay until adopted into a permanent, vetted, loving home.  There’s a strict screening process to make sure your pet’s new home is educated and qualified to care for your loved pet.  You can request that multiple pet households remain together.   

Jessica told us about a recent re-homing where bonded pair of large dogs were given up by their pet parents due to divorce.  She was able to successfully re-home them together with a loving, retired couple.   

Jessica Pita has been in the pet industry for many years.  She has been an active pet foster parent since 2006 and is an active pet sitter.  She has a broad network of animal-loving friends and contacts she has worked with over the years, from all over the United States and abroad.   

If you want more information about the Paw and Feather Plan, check out the website at www.ThePawandFeatherPlan.com.  You can reserve your spot today! 


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