Today’s special guest is Lisa Lunghofer, the Executive Director of The Grey Muzzle Organization.  This organization is guided by its vision – a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.  The Grey Muzzle Organization is not a shelter or a rescue but makes grants throughout the United States expressly for programs designed to improve the lives of at-risk senior dogs. 

Lisa has been with The Grey Muzzle Organization since 2015.  She is also the founder of Making good Work, an organization devoted to helping nonprofits achieve results.  She has worked extensively in the areas of animal welfare, the human-animal bond, violence prevention, and child welfare.  She also serves as a consultant to animal-related programs throughout the U.S.   

Lisa is passionate about senior dogs.  The statistics are sobering.  Just over 50% of senior dogs (defined as a dog over the age of 7) makes it out of a shelter alive.  Even one older dog dying in a shelter is too many.   For those of us that love our dogs unconditionally, it seems inconceivable that a once-loved pet would ever be discarded when the signs of old age appear and medical assistance may be required.  However, it is far too common and there are very few rescue groups specialized in helping homeless senior dogs.   

That’s where The Grey Muzzle Organization can provide assistance to animal welfare organizations to provide care, comfort and ultimately, a loving forever home to an old dog.  The Grey Muzzle Organization has an annual grant program where organizations that meet the criteria can apply for assistance.  Last year they were able to help 62 organizations with more than $400,000 in grants.  This year they hope to be able to make grants of $450,000.  However, the ability of The Grey Muzzle Organization to make these much-needed grants depends on the generosity of their donors.   

Some of the ways you can help are through financial donations, monthly giving, by donating a bed or a vehicle, through in-kind donations or by including the organization in your Last Will, Living Trust or beneficiary of a retirement plan or insurance policy.  All gifts are appreciated and help foster the mission of The Grey Muzzle Organization.   

Some of the programs that The Grey Muzzle Organization supports include hospice programs for senior dogs who have life-limiting conditions, dental care, medical assistance and beds for old dogs at shelters and rescue and senior-for-senior adoption programs helping senior citizens adopt senior dogs.  You can read more about their grant recipients on their website.  You can also view the pictures of senior dogs that have been helped by their generosity.   

You can find out more about how to donate to The Grey Muzzle Organization by visiting their website or finding them on social media.  Organizations interested in applying for a grant can find the application and frequently asked questions on the website as well.   

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