Judy Helm Wright was our show’s guest to talk about the difficult subject of pet loss and the grief surrounding that loss.  Judy is multi-talented.  She is an author, a historian, an IntuitiveWiseWoman and has created and curated hundreds of resources for people of all ages.  Judy is also a certified Pet Grief Coach who takes pride in her work with animal Human Connection.   

Judy uses the symbol of an artichoke and refers to herself as Auntie Artichoke.  When asked about the significance of the artichoke she says it has great meaning in her teaching and writing.  If you’ve ever eaten an artichoke, you know that the outer edges can be prickly and bitter to the taste.  But, as you expose the inner segments, you find the real treasure – the heart.  People are the same – with warmth, caring and time you can find their human heart.     

Judy is a prolific writer.  Our topic of interest with her was specifically focused on the loss of a loved pet.  Her book, “I Lost My Best Friend Today – Dealing with the Loss of a Beloved Pet” answers some of life’s most difficult questions related to pet loss.  All of the contributors to the book know their pets are more than just animals…they are our closest friends, constant companions and integral members of the family.  She is also the author of “I Miss You: All Pets Go to Heaven.”   

 This segment could not have aired at a more opportune time for me.  I lost my senior horse, Reno in June 2021 and shortly after this show, I lost my horse, Spirit suddenly and without warning.  In fact, the day before he died, Spirit had been given a clean bill of health.  I know the pain associated with the loss of a loved equine family member but I also acknowledge that loss is the price I pay for love.  I will certainly endure this loss again.      

Judy encourages us to write our memoirs and tell our life story.  She and I are on the same page when it comes to this topic.  I also believe it is important to tell our story because once we are gone, it’s like a library has burned down.  We’ve missed the opportunity to know and share our stories of a lifetime.  You can check out Judy’s books on the topic on Amazon or find my book, “Like a Library Burning – Sharing a Saving Stories of a Lifetime.”  

If you have questions, Judy Helm Wright has answers.  You are invited to “Ask Auntie Artichoke” if you have a question about her areas of expertise.