This week on All My Children Wear Fur Coats, we had the pleasure of speaking to Tanya Hart. Tanya Hart is the CEO and Founder of Augie Bones.

Tanya watched as her dog Augie destroyed toy after toy, every time with an increasing concern for Augie’s health. Tanya was worried that Augie was ingesting pieces of these nylon and plastic toys and feared that these materials would eventually damage Augie’s health. She decided to act. With her background in Polymer composites and her expertise in business development, the first Augie Bone was born.

The Augie Bone begs the question; what if there was a better dog bone? A dog bone that is not only safer for your dog, but also better for the environment. Tanya and her team settled on a bio-composite that closely resembles the toughest chew toys out there without any of the added chemicals or health risks.

Augie bones are 100% certified non-toxic, composed of plant-based materials, made in the USA, and most importantly; loved by dogs. But the goal for Tanya goes beyond just dog toys. Tanya is setting an example in environmentalism.

“If we cannot make a material and say it’s 100% recyclable or industrial compostable or backyard compostable, we don’t make it… We’re always looking at how we can get into that circularity system. From the earth, back to the earth or recycled to go back into use. What you don’t want is the need to bring in new materials in that go to landfill and have no recourse on how they should be used again.”

 – Tanya Hart

Augie Bones are 100% recyclable and can be sent into industrial composting. Tanya and her team are also working on an Augie Bone that will be backyard compostable.

Companies like Augie Bones hold the pet industry to a higher standard. Not only should we be developing ideas that benefit the safety of our pets, but we should also be innovating for the sake of our planet. Tanya states that the percentage of consumers actively recycling hovers around 28-30%. This is a startlingly low number that needs to change. After all, the future of pets around the world depends on it.

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