We meet all kinds of interesting people on All My Children Wear Fur Coats It was a pleasure having the opportunity to hang out with former rapper, turned feral cat trapper, Sterling Davis.  He is a world traveler, former military, music lover and cat fanatic.  Growing up, he says he was the only guy in his neighborhood that loved cats – he felt he could relate to their plight.  His personal motto is, “You don’t lose cool points for compassion.”   

Sterling started out to be a professional rapper and ended up cleaning kitty boxes at a local shelter.  His dedication resulted in a promotion to an outreach position focusing on TNR.  TNR is the trapping, neutering and returning of feral cats to humanely control cat overpopulation.   

In 2015, Sterling created his own nonprofit organization, Trapking Humane Cat Solutions, focusing his efforts on educating, assisting and promoting community cat (feral) management.  Funds are used to further his mission so he can help improve the lives of outdoor cats and the communities in which they live.   

He also wants to change the stereotype of “women only” in cat rescue.  He says, “I think being a black man in cat rescue is rare.”  This puts him in a unique position to help create a bridge between black communities and white animal welfare organizations.   

Sterling is a well-known speaker and spends his time traveling the country doing fundraising events for small rescues and shelters.  You can support his efforts by shopping on his site, donating to his cause and supporting his efforts through TNR. 

Thanks Sterling, we hope to see on you the road!  You can protect your pet with a Pet Trust.  Visit Animal Care Trust USA for more information.