Scott Fine, the Founder of Joey’s Legacy, a 501c3 organization whose mandate is public education on companion animal advocacy. Joey’s Legacy, with its team of veterinarians and animal law attorneys, investigates cases of alleged veterinary malpractice and negligence and, when appropriate, pursues justice for pet parents all over the world. The organization was founded in 2017, after founder Scott Fine lost his beloved dachshund, Joey to an act of medical malpractice.  It is Scott’s desire that his loss and this organization can prevent another pet parent’s future loss.   

Scott is clear to point out that most veterinarians are passionate about their profession and about animals.  Most adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.  However, like all professions, there are some bad actors.  And, just like human medicine, when a loved family member is injured by the negligence of a medical practitioner, there is a need to seek compensation for that loss.   

Scott discusses how pets have and, in many cases, still are considered property.  That means the recovery for loss can be “replacement value.”  But how do you put a value on a relationship and a life that is literally priceless?  The laws are changing, but slowly.  Many pet parents understand they will never be compensated for the loss of their loved pet but want specifically to prevent another pet parent from suffering the same tragic loss.   

When an individual contacts Joey’s Legacy for help they work with a team of respected veterinarians and attorneys across the country.  The expert veterinary team reviews the medical records from the claimant and compiles a letter of opinion regarding the standard of care provided.  If negligence or malpractice is determined, the attorney team can pursue the case with the veterinarian.  This process generally starts with a demand letter and could proceed to litigation if a settlement is not received.   

Currently Scott is working on two documentaries to display the good and the bad. Joey’s Legacy- Companion Animals are Family, Not Property which will be aired on PBS Network. This documentary will be an A to Z guide for all companion animal parents. It will discuss nutrition, wellness, how to find a great vet, how to avoid bad vets, behaviors, and more. The second documentary, Tails of Betrayal, will be a major expose of all the bad actors who do not have companion animals in their hearts and in their minds.

If you need Joey’s Legacy’s help or to learn more about the good work they are doing visit their website 

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