In this episode of All My Children Wear Fur Coats, we had the pleasure of speaking to Raphael Mattos and Elma Shipp, the dynamic husband-and-wife team behind VIP Pet Smile, a revolutionary mobile dentistry service for pets.

Raphael, a Brazilian-born oral surgery specialist, shared his personal journey and the transformative moment that led him to establish VIP Pet Smile in 2017. Battling prostate cancer, Raphael’s shift in perspective fueled the creation of a service dedicated to enhancing the oral health of our beloved pets.

One standout feature of VIP Pet Smile is its mobility, affectionately referred to as an “office on wheels.” Elma emphasized the unique benefits this approach brings, alleviating the stress associated with traditional veterinary visits and ensuring the comfort of the pets being treated.

VIP Pet Smile’s procedures put an emphasis on the love and care integral to their service. Raphael’s time learning about dog psychology plays a crucial role, ensuring a positive experience for pets during dental cleanings. The commitment to non-anesthetic procedures and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, such as laser therapy, further sets VIP Pet Smile apart in the realm of canine dental care.

Raphael and Elma have also introduced Tobie Oral Pet Care, their second venture specializing in oral health products for pets. The creation of natural toothpaste, toothbrushes, and innovative products like Easy Crush exemplifies their dedication to providing holistic oral care solutions for pets.

Elma also shed light on VIP Pet Smile’s commitment to social responsibility. Every month, they dedicate a Saturday to provide dental care to rescued dogs, contributing to the well-being of pets seeking forever homes. Additionally, Tobie Oral Pet Care has donated over $40,000 worth of products to various pet rescues.

Rafael and Elma give insight into the importance of pet dental health and the potential extension of a pet’s life by incorporating regular dental care. Raphael and Elma’s vision for the future includes expanding their services nationwide, with plans for franchise opportunities that maintain the high standards of VIP Pet Smile.

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