Today’s guest was Dr. Glenn Buckley, D.V.M., CEO and founder of Pet Rescue Rx.  Dr. Buckley attended veterinary school at Louisiana State University School of Medicine.  As a practicing veterinarian, he worked as an emergency vet in South Florida.  After closing that practice and returning to his hometown of Akron, New York (not too far from Buffalo), he and his brother Scott started Pet Rescue Rx.  Dr. Buckley knew he had found a way to continue to help both loved pets and pets in rescue.   

Pet Rescue Rx is an online pet pharmacy where pet parents can get their prescription and over the counter pet medicines online, similar to some of the other online pet medication retailers.  The big difference is that 100% of the net profits of Pet Rescue Rx go to pet rescues and shelters selected by their customers.  Since their inception in 2013, Pet Rescue Rx has donated more than $170,000 to more than 700 pet rescue and shelter organizations.  The company motto is “Peace, Love and Rescue.”  They call themselves a “Pets before profits pharmacy.”  Pet parents have options today on where they purchase their pets’ medications.  Large retailers are making huge profits.  Pet Rescue Rx believes these profits should be going to shelters and rescue that an REALLY benefit from these donations.   

Unlike the large online retailers, Pet Rescue Rx relies on social media and word of mouth to build their reputation, not by spending huge amounts of money on advertising.  So, you can help by telling your friends and rescue organizations about Pet Rescue Rx.  Visit their website and read some of their five- star reviews and testimonials.  You can also check out their registered rescues and shelters.  If you are a rescue or shelter, you can also download the registration form to participate with Pet Rescue Rx.  There’s no cost for a 501c3 organization to sign up.    

Pet Rescue Rx is a licensed pharmacy in the state of New York.  They also hold licenses in many other states where they can sell prescription medications.  Non-prescription medications can be sold in all 50 states.  You can order today by contact Pet Rescue Rx.  If you have a written prescription, you need to mail that directly to Pet Rescue Rx.  They can also contact your veterinarian by fax or phone for approval of any prescription product.  Upon approval or for non-prescription products, your order will ship within 48 hours.  Orders over $59 qualify for free shipping.  For additional questions, visit their Frequently Asked Questions page.  

When you keep your pets healthy using Pet Rescue Rx, you are helping to save lives at rescues and shelters throughout the U.S.  Follow Pet Rescue Rx on FaceBookTwitter, InstagramPinterest and LinkedIn.   

Happy Tails!