This week on All My Children Wear Fur Coats, we had the pleasure of speaking with Michele Pennington, Founder of Stashios.

Michelle Pennington, the founder of Stashios, is an animal lover and was previously an elementary school teacher in Seattle for eight years. After having her daughter, she moved to Minneapolis and went back to teaching, but found it difficult to balance her job and being a parent. She eventually retired from teaching and started her own company, Stashios.

Stashios is a women-owned and run company offering products that stash what pets need in what they love. It is inspired by pets, fueled by fun, and committed to health and wellness. They want to help you care for your pets by creating products that encourage them to learn, play and be well.

Everything at Stashios has the common theme of stashing what pets need in what they love, and creating products that help you be the best pet parent that you can be.” – Michele

Stashios offers products that “stash” what pets need in one place. Their products aim to make pet care easier for pet owners and promote pet health and wellness. One of their products, the Soothing Saucer, contains calming ingredients that pets can lick to provide them with a distraction and peace of mind. Another product, the Wrap-ups, is made from carrots and sweet potatoes and is used to stash medication. The company is generally motivated by a desire to let pet owners have fun while encouraging pet health and wellness through their innovative and well-thought-out pet products.

Learn more about Stashios

Visit their website at where they offer products that stash functional servings, like calming pet meal ingredients and medicine wrap ups. Find more premium pet essentials by viewing all categories!

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