In a recent episode of All My Children Wear Fur Coats, Sue discussed animal behavior issues and explained how her website supports individuals who were faced with euthanizing a behaviorally challenged animal. Sue Alexander is a certified professional dog trainer, and a certified K9 behavioral consultant.

Sue owns and operates Dogs in the Park, which offers in-person and virtual classes for obedience and behavior programming. She also owns and operates Dog Trainer’s Crucible, a consulting company for dog training businesses. On top of that, she owns and administers Losing Lulu, a website intended to support individuals who have lost an animal to behavioral problems.

When Sue’s coworker lost her dog, Lulu, she received some unwarranted criticism for putting Lulu down. This prompted the two behavioral experts to create a support group for individuals who find themselves in similar predicaments.

Alexander explained that behavioral issues come in many different forms. She asserted that not all behavioral problems are as obvious as a dog who bit the mailman. Even issues that seem relatively benign can result in an extremely difficult existence for an animal. Under these circumstances, the best course of action is to make changes to an animal’s environment and consult a behavioral specialist. However, when all other options are exhausted, behavioral euthanasia may be necessary for the safety of pet owners and the humane treatment of the pet at hand.

Alexander explained that the public perception of behavioral euthanasia is not that it alleviates suffering. Contrarily, the public typically views it as evidence of a failed owner or a lack of responsibility. She noted the prevailing attitude that rehoming an animal is the preferred alternative to euthanasia. Unfortunately, some behavioral issues are so profound that it is not possible to find an appropriate home for the animal. Alexander asserted that arranging an adoption assumes the next owner will be better equipped to correct problematic behaviors, which is often not the case.

Because of her extensive background, Sue Alexander is an expert at recognizing behavioral issues in dogs. She emphasized the difference between unwanted behaviors, and problem behaviors that pose an actual safety risk.

Sue Alexander aims to eliminate the negative stigma associated with behavioral euthanasia. If you are grieving over the loss of a euthanized pet, Losing Lulu is a safe space to discuss your feelings. To learn more, visit