This week on All My Children Wear Fur Coats, we had the pleasure of speaking with  Lindsey Wolko, founder of the Center for Pet Safety.

Lindsey is a dedicated advocate for long-term pet safety, and her mission is deeply personal to every pet owner. With her keen understanding of the pet industry, she works tirelessly to ensure the safety of pet products and the well-being of companion animals. Her work spans various areas, including authoring safety standards for pet products, independently certifying pet products, counseling pet product manufacturers globally, and leading the Center for Pet Safety research division.

The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) continues to grow and evolve. CPS has seen its vision grow and evolve to heights it could never have imagined. They look forward to a long future of faithfully serving pet owners around the globe and working to ensure the safety of their companion animals.

The Center for Pet Safety was launched because of a safety scare with Lindsey’s adopted dog, Maggie. She ran a pilot study on safety harnesses wherein the results showed a 100% failure rate on all products they crash-tested. That’s why one of the goals of CPS is to advocate for pet owners and lovers to have a safety standard that the product needs to meet.

“We have to educate everyone on what makes a pet travel product the safest. And we want to protect you, the driver, and your passengers and then give your pet the best possible chance of survival if you are in a crash.” – Lindsey 

A little-known fact is that most pet products are not regulated – by anyone!  As a result, Lindsey’s efforts to educate and certify pet products is so important.  You can find a list of their certified products on their website at The Center for Pet Safety.

The story of The Center for Pet Safety continues to serve as a reminder that pet safety is essential. It underscores the significance of recognizing the importance of pet safety, being informed about proper pet safety measures, and taking necessary steps to protect our pets during travel. By prioritizing pet safety, we can ensure that our beloved animal companions can travel with us safely and securely, minimizing the risks of accidents or injuries and promoting their overall well-being.

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