Daniel Schulof is the author of Dogs, Dog Food and DogmaThe Silent Epidemic Killing America’s Dogs and the New Science That Could Save Your Best Friend’s Life and is the founder of KetoNatural Pet Foods.  He joined us on All My Children Wear Fur Coats to discuss his book and his company.  

Daniel is a lawyer turned entrepreneur, activist and science-minded individual who backs his claims with substantial research.  His book has been called “The most rigorous and probing canine nutrition book ever written.”  His book has two primary theses – 1. Dietary carbohydrates are the fundamental cause of obesity in dogs, and 2.  Big pet food companies (he calls them, “Big Kibble”) are shaping our thinking because 90% of kibble products have carbohydrates as a primary ingredient.  Yet, dog food companies are not required to report the levels of dietary starch or sugars in their foods.   

Daniel says the two most prevalent diseases related to an abundance of carbs in our dogs’ diet is obesity and diabetes. Other illness can include inflammation, cancers, and a reduced lifespan.  In the wild, wolves eat only meat and cannot digest carbohydrates.  Daniel followed the wolves in Yellowstone and reported that the remains of a kill usually include the large bones the wolves are unable to eat and the grass (starch) content of their stomachs.   

One solution to the carbohydrate dilemma is to feed a diet higher in protein.  To address this concern, Daniel founded KetoNatural Pet Foods whose mission is to be the most substantive honest, and progressive pet food company in the world.  That means making products with real benefits and demonstrating those benefits using real evidence. To demonstrate the company’s commitment, they have done a few unique things: 1.  They offer a full KetoNatural library where you can get more information on the science; 2. The company is open to respectful debate and discussion about pet nutrition and dietary carbohydrates on its social media channels; 3. The people at KetoNatural are skeptically-minded veterinarians, nutrition scientists, dog trainers and athletes; and 4. The company will help you stay up-to-date with the latest in veterinary nutritional science, public health, animal welfare, and the pet care industry.  You can sign up for their blog here.  

To address his genuine concerns about the quality of food we feed our pets, Daniel and his team have developed a product called Ketona, a dog kibble with 90% less carbs and twice the meat.  He makes a compelling argument for increasing protein and decreasing carbohydrates in our dog food for happier, healthier dogs that live longer lives.  

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