Katherine Ellison, founder of Bright Planet Pet took her sales experience from the Pet Food Industry and turned it into Bright Planet Pet which makes 100% plant-based, vegan dog treats, that taste and smell just like meat! Bright Planet Pet was founded on the principle that dogs and their people deserve a truly sustainable dog treat that is delicious while being 100% plant-based and vegan. Humans have meat alternative products for burgers, brats, and chicken, so why don’t dogs? Their first product was launched in March of last year and they currently have a total of three products including Better BURG’R, Better BBQ CHICK’N, and Better BRAT -all of which are formulated with chickpea flour, brown rice, dehydrated sweet potato and dried brewer’s yeast. All formulations are free from corn, soy, wheat or peas.

Bright Planet Pet doesn’t just create tasty treats for your dog. The company makes sure to have a positive impact on the environment. Treating your pup with Bright Planet helps reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and energy usage. Every time you buy a bag, they donate to The Eden Reforestation Projects to plant one tree. At this time they have planted over 29,000 trees and by the end of the year it is projected they will have planted around 60,000 trees. The treats create up to 90% less carbon emissions and use up to 68% less water than a comparable meat-based treat. Bright Planet Pet is focusing on transitioning into a store drop-off recyclable bag and fully recyclable packaging materials. Their treats and packaging are made locally to reduce transportation related CO2 emissions.

This year Bright Planet Pet was one of five winners of the Purina Innovation Prize.  They also participated as one of six pet care startups selected for the fifth cohort of Leap Venture Studio, an accelerator program organized by Mars Petcare and Michelson Found Animals. This gave Katherine the opportunity to learn more from experts in the field and continue to grow Bright Planet Pet.

Make sure to get your loved dog some of these delicious treats. They can be found on Amazon, Petco, Chewy, Boxed and their website BrightPlanetPet.com. 

Our pets are family too! To learn more about protecting your loved pets with a Pet Trust, visit ACT4Pets.org. 


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