Imagine being able to provide your pet with necessary vitamins, nutrients and more with just a bowl of water. With Waggin Water you can do just that! All My Children Wear Fur Coats is pleased to present Drew Whited. He is the Founder and CEO of  Waggin Water where water is reimagined for your pet.


Drew is a beverage entrepreneur who was inspired by his own dog Mickey.  This 6lb Chihuahua earned the nickname “Picky Mickey” because of his lack of interest in everything including bacon, steak, and treats. As a result, Drew was trying to find ways to provide Mickey with the essential nutrients without him even knowing. While traveling Drew also realized he didn’t have an easy way to provide Mickey with water. Drew thought it would be great if he had a bowl of water that he could easily peel open and provide to his dog. That is why Waggin Water is offered in a 12oz peel-&-serve bowl.

Water keeps our pets alive and is a natural pathway to delivering nutrients and vitamins to meet pets important heath and dietary needs. The same way that humans are able to access their daily needs through hydration, Waggin Water does the same for Pets.  The company works closely with pet experts and veterinarians when creating their products. Their goal is to create great products that benefit your pet, work efficiently, and taste great. Waggin Water is also committed to having a positive environmental impact and has partnered with rePurpose Global. With RePurpose Global they are contributing to cleaning our planet.

These wonderful products can be found at , Amazon, Target and more!

Our pets are family too! To learn more about protecting your loved pet with a Pet Trust, visit

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