In this episode of All My Children Wear Fur Coats, Dr. Patty Palumbo shares her insights on the world of search and rescue, her veterinary practice, and the unique challenges and rewards of both professions.

Dr. Palumbo entered search and rescue to give back to the community and bond with her dog. Her dogs are trained to be human remains detection dogs, and she highlighted the extensive training both handlers and their dogs undergo, including yearly certification tests that are stringent and challenging.

In the world of search and rescue, there are various types of search dogs, each specializing in different aspects, such as tracking, trailing, water rescue, and more. Dr. Palumbo emphasized that a dog’s drive and enthusiasm for work are more important than their breed, making it an inclusive field for most dog breeds.

One fascinating aspect of the conversation was discussing using real human remains for training these dogs. Dr. Palumbo explained that they use various sources, including placentas, teeth, bones, and ashes, to introduce the scent to the dogs. The dogs must learn to differentiate between these scents and become proficient in sniffing out lost humans.

Dr. Palumbo also spoke about the challenges and rewards of being a veterinarian. She mentioned that while the profession attracts empathetic individuals, the emotional toll can be quite high. The suicide rate among veterinarians is a concerning issue, and finding the right balance between caring for animals and preserving their emotional well-being is crucial.

Additionally, she discussed the importance of in-home euthanasia services, providing a more peaceful and comfortable environment for pets in their final moments.

Dr. Patti Palumbo’s experiences in both search and rescue and veterinary medicine shed light on the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to save lives and provide compassionate care to our beloved pets. Her insights into these professions provide valuable perspectives on the challenges and rewards of such noble endeavors.

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