We were joined by Chris Roy, founder of Doobert on today’s episode of All My Children Wear Fur Coats.  Doobert empowers animal welfare organizations through custom-built tools for animal rescue.  Doobert has features that are built to streamline foster communication and management.  They also make it easy for rescues to connect with other organizations and volunteers so they can save more animals.  Doobert also allows volunteers freedom to choose how they want to help the animal organizations they want to work with.   

Chris’ passion is two-fold – he likes to fly planes and rescue animals.  Out of these passions, and the fact that he is a “technology guy”, he created a platform that allows him to both work and live his passion.  He enjoys helping provide technology solutions to some of the biggest challenges in animal rescue and he is always looking for new ways to helps animals and the people that care for them.   

So what is a Doobert?  The name Doobert was inspired by a Star Trek character from the 90’s but this Doobert was actually an orange and white tabby cat that was a member of Chris’ family.  From the name a company was born.  Fans of Doobert call themselves “Doooberteers.”  How fun!  

This is a picture of Doobert, a cat that thrived on human social contact, brought people together and ejoyed helping others.  

Doobert has more than 5,300 registered organizations, 32, 000 registered volunteers and has completed more than 6,112 humanitarian transports for animals.    Organizations and individuals that join the Doobert community believe in the following important values:  

  1. All animals deserve to live a life free from hunger and thirst; a life that is free from pain, injury, disease or discomfort; a life where they are free to exhibit their normal behavior and to live without fear or distress. 
  2. The companion animal overpopulation problem is one that was created by humans and one that can be solved by humans in responsible ways that do not include euthanization simply due to location specific overpopulation. 
  3. By working together as a community, sharing our resources and supporting one another, we can have a more significant impact on the lives of animals than by working alone or in competition with one another. 
  4. Passion, purpose, and perseverance will overcome fear, uncertainty, and change as we work together to create a world where sentient beings co-habitat and live together in unity. 

If you are an animal welfare organization or committed animal volunteer, you will find that Doobert has many ways to help you live your passion.  Visit their website to sign up today!