This week on All My Children Wear Fur Coats we were joined by Chris Roy, Founder of Doobert.  Doobert empowers animal welfare organizations through custom-built tools for animal rescue.  Doobert has features that are built to streamline foster communication and management.  They also make it easy for rescues to connect with other organizations and volunteers so they can save more animals.  Doobert also allows volunteers the freedom to choose how they want to help the animal organizations they want to work with.

Chris’ two passions are animals and aviation. So, he started flying animal rescues — transporting shelter dogs from high-kill locations to areas where they were more likely to be adopted. He personally flew hundreds of animals and loved every minute of it. Now, you may be wondering what is a Doobert? Well, Doobert was Chris’s loved cat.  For close to 18 years Doobert thrived on human social contact, brought people together, and took great satisfaction in helping others. He saw his family through difficult times and served as their rock. There was no better way to honor Doobert than by creating this platform to help animals in need.

Chris’s main focus is bringing animal shelter and rescue organizations together into a common platform to collaborate, share information, transfer animals, and work toward balancing the supply and demand. He continues to innovate to provide more ways to help transport animals where they need to go. Since its launch in May 2014, Doobert has grown to support over 27,000+ volunteers and 1,200+ organizations across the United States and Canada.

Doobert  is excited to announce their Doobert Forward e-commerce store launching on October 3, 2022.  This will be revolutionary because people will be able to buy their pet food online at the Doobert store, just like they could from other online stores.  But there’s a twist! Doobert will donate 5% of their order to their selected Animal Shelter or Rescue in their community. Their 5% pay-it-forward model pays 1,000x more than Amazon Smile donates and people can get the same foods, treats, and other supplies and support their local animal rescue simultaneously.

If you are an animal welfare organization or committed animal volunteer, you will find that Doobert has many ways to help you live your passion.  Visit their website to sign up today!  Make sure you mark your calendars for October 3rd, so you don’t miss the launch of Doobert Forward. 

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