In this episode of All My Children Wear Fur Coats; we had the pleasure of speaking to Carol Podolak, co-founder of Bark Butter. Bark Butter is a pet-friendly peanut butter made for dogs by dog lovers.

Joy and Carol are two spunky Indiana soccer moms who were looking for a healthy nutritional product to sell at fund raising events for their kid’s soccer team. They found that product once they began making gourmet peanut butter. Their peanut butter journey started as a small endeavor, only selling it at small events, and it quickly caught fire. Suddenly parents and kids couldn’t stop asking, “When can I buy some peanut butter?” Carol and Joy sprung into action. In no time they had a cooking facility and local shelf space for their new product. Now their product is on shelves across the country.

Carol and Joy are on to the next step, creating a product for dogs across the country. BNutty is proud to introduce Bark Butter.

Joy and Carol decided to turn their attention to making a much more dog friendly version of their signature peanut butter. While BNutty creates delicious peanut butter for humans, a lot of the ingredients that make BNutty so delicious aren’t good for your pet. All dogs want is an all-natural peanut butter full of protein without any additives. That’s exactly what Bark Butter is. Bark Butter is a simple and clean peanut butter made by dog lovers for dogs.

Bark Butter comes in three signature flavors. The first is an All-natural Peanut Butter with nothing but peanuts. The next flavor available is a Peanuts & Honey flavor; honey has been known to help dogs develop healthy skin and coats. The final flavor is a Peanuts & Pumpkin flavor that can aid a dog’s digestion. These three flavors allow you to choose the best option for your furry friend based on their needs and preferences.

All jars of Bark Butter are made in the BNutty human grade facility so you can rest assured knowing that your dog is eating the best of the best.

Bark Butter has a plethora of different uses. Not only is it a great way to add to what your dog is already eating, but it’s also great as a supplement, as a treat, and as a topper. Bark Butter can also help you give your dog medicine and get your dog to use a new chew toy.

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