What an interesting show!  Our guest was Caleb Gilmore, President of Suzie’s Pet Treats.  Suzie’s was co-founded by Richard Squire and Caleb Gilmore.  Richard was a family friend of the Gilmores and entrepreneur who encouraged Caleb to leave college and pursue a career as an independent business owner.  Caleb took the leap and has never looked back.  

Suzie was Richard’s dog and the inspiration for Suzie’s Pet Treats.  After Richard had a back operation and some experience with prescription opioids, he discovered that DBD provided relief from the pain and inflammation.  Suzie was aging and having difficult getting up sometimes.  Richard started giving her a CBD treat and the results were amazing – for both of them!   

Today, Caleb along with his dog, Zoe and the awesome Suzie’s team (and their dogs, of course) are changing the way pet parents provide CBD supplements to their loved pets.   As pet parents we want to make sure we give our pets only the highest quality products so it is important to learn as much as possible.  CBD is very much in the news and there are certainly questions we have as pet parents.  The first is, “What is CBD – also known as Cannabidiol?”  The simple answer is it is the non-psychoactive compound that is found naturally in the hemp plant.  It doesn’t cause our pets to “get high” and has a lot of potential health benefits.   

Suzie’s is dedicated to offering exceptional purity in both their products and their business.  They have partnered with farmers in northern California who practice organic farming and provide a clean CBD plant extract.  All of their products are lab tested to ensure low levels of THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.  All of their products are full-spectrum and organic.  This means they contain the full plant benefits along with other cannabinoids that work to make the CBD as effective as possible.  Isolates are considered an inferior form of CBD and is not as natural as full spectrum and do not meet Suzie’s standards for a whole plant extract.   

The Suzie’s farm is USDA certified organic and never uses pesticides.  They use beneficial bugs as a means of pest control or Neem oil, if necessary.  The extraction process is doing using food grade organic ethanol and is the best method to preserve the natural plant constituents.  A third-party lab tests every batch to show potency, levels of cannabinoids and residual solvents.  Each ingredient comes with a certificate of analysis to ensure exceptional quality and purity.  

How much CBD should you give to your pet? Suzie’s recommends starting with 1 mg per 10 lbs. of body weight, split into a morning and evening dose.  Pet parents can then adjust depending on how their pet responds.  Factors that can affect dosing include age, metabolism and the severity of the ailment.  It is almost impossible to overdose a pet with CBD but the recommendation is to start low and slowly adjust.  You can expect to see results within 3-7 days depending on your pet’s sensitivity. If your pet is taking other medications, it is always best to consult with a holistic vet prior to starting cannabis therapy.   

The best way to administer CBD to your pet is by placing some along the gum line.  You can also mix into their food or 

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