In this episode of All My Children Wear Fur Coats, we had the privilege of speaking to Angela Ardolino, founder of CBD Dog Health. CBD Dog Health offers high quality, all-natural, medical cannabis products designed specifically for pets.

In 2015, Angela was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and she was prescribed Humira. Humira is a medicine that’s prescribed simply for all auto-immune diseases.  Upon inspection, Angela realized that Humira is very commonly linked to Lymphoma. At this point, Angela knew she had to turn elsewhere for help.

Angela lives a very holistic life, so she immediately turned to nature to find the best possible option for her. Nature’s answer was the cannabis plant.

Soon after using cannabis medically, her joint pain washed away. That wasn’t the only change Angela felt. She realized that her stress and anxiety levels had gone down as well. She was also able to sleep better, and overall quality of life had improved.

Angela went down a rabbit hole trying to figure out if anyone else was having these experiences with cannabis. She stumbled upon Canna-Moms. Canna-Moms is a group of mothers around the county using cannabis medically to treat their kids. These moms are treating anything from cancer to seizures using cannabis. They’ve found that using cannabis has greatly improved quality of life for the kids and their parents.

“I became friends with one of these moms whose son was having… horrible seizures. And I remember being with him and her one day and literally having a conversation with him and him going into a seizure… and I’m ready to go call 911 and she calmly opens up her purse, takes out a tincture, opens the bottle up, fills up the dropper, opens his mouth, puts it in his mouth, and he literally goes from having a full-blown seizure to talking to me again.” – Angela

Angela reassures us that when harvested correctly, any cannabis or hemp product is completely safe for humans and their pets. She knows this firsthand. Angela had a Doberman with osteosarcoma. She treated her Doberman with 80 mg of full spectrum hemp extract and 10 mg of FECO (marijuana). Her Doberman, Nina, lived the rest of her life pain free through one of the most painful cancers a large dog can get; not a single pain medication was needed.

Angela explains that the reason cannabis and CBD were able to aid her dog is because of the interaction living bodies have with cannabis. She explains that there are these systems is our body that interact with cannabis. She then uses the example of cancer to explain. There are 12 pathways in our body that cancer uses to spread in our bodies. Cannabis interacts with 8 out of 12 of those pathways in several different ways. Cannabis can aid one system while slowing another system as a way of actively fighting cancer.

Unfortunately, the vet world is not as accepting of this new discovery just yet. While some vets would be delighted to learn more about the potential healing power of CBD, others may not be as welcoming. Angela herself saw an even split of vets who were interested in learning more, and vets who denied the possibility of CBD aiding her dog in any substantial way disregarding any science or proof backing up her claims.

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