Today’s guest on All My Children Wear Fur Coats was entrepreneur David Neuwirth, founder of One Fur All Pet House Candles.  David, along with his friend, Robert Eichner established this brand when they unexpectedly ran into each other.  David (a dog dad) was the owner of a pet supply store and David (a cat dad) came in as a customer.  They had been friends in middle school but then life happened, and they hadn’t seen each other in a few years, 20 to be exact.   

After catching up on everything they had missed, their conversation turned to, of all things, candles.  The idea for One for All Pet House Candles was born when they recognized that pet parents wanted candles that were not only beautiful but also freshened their pet-loving home.  They also wanted their candles to be free of dyes and petroleum products.  

That was seven years ago and today, Pet House Candles are illuminating the homes of pet parents across the country.  They are safe and healthy.  They are made with 100% natural soy wax and no dyes.  And, they are beautiful so no need to hide them away.  The containers can also be up-cycled after the candle is gone for many other continuing uses.  They also offer room sprays, mini candles, wax melts and car fresheners.  I have one of their car fresheners working right now since my daily driver vehicle also operates as a pet taxi for my children who wear fur coats!    

David and Robert believe that pets change us and improve the qualify of our lives.  They are members of our family.  So, in addition to products that help create a more-loving environment, Pet House contributes to animal charities to spread the joy of being a fur family.  That’s why they are One Fur All…and all for pets! 

If you are a non profit, no kill rescue organization, then One Fur All Pet House Candles can help support your efforts.  One Fur All will donate to participating rescue organizations 20% of the sales price of every Pet House Candle sold on during a specific time frame.  This allows organizations to tailor their fundraising program to their specific needs.  Multiple charities can be running promotions simultaneously.  Everyone wins!  The pet parent who gets a great product, the charity who gets support for their mission and One Fur All so they can continue to support pet parents and charities through the sale of their products.   

Next time you need a gift for that special pet parent, visit One Fur All Pet House Candles. They also have an affiliate program.    

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