Our special guest on All My Children Wear Fur Coats is Joan Thielen, Public Relations Manager of Dumb Friends League.  John has been with Dumb Friends League for more than fifteen years.  She started out in animal care, then joined the foster program, became a member of the volunteer services team and now works in marketing and communications.   

The Dumb Friends League has been around since 1910, when founder, Jean Milne Gower learned about a similar organization in London and brought the animal shelter concept to Colorado.  One frequent question is how they got their name.  Well, the name of the London organization was called Our Dumb Friends (now known as Blue Cross) and Ms. Gower adopted a similar name, the Dumb Friends League.  In the early 1900’s the term “dumb” referred to someone that lacked the ability of speech – and so, today the Dumb Friends League speaks for those animals who are unable to speak for themselves.    

They provide life-changing services for homeless pets and horses that come to their shelters every day.  Animals who arrive in need of medical treatment, behavior training, foster care and the opportunity to find a loving home are all welcome.  They provide adoption and veterinary services for cats, dogs, horses, and small animals.  They have numerous programs available for volunteer services, pet parent education, and fundraising.  This year they will celebrate the 28th annual Furry Scurry.  You can register for the 2021 virtual event online.  You can hike or run with your dog, go to the park or lounge on the sofa for your cat.  It doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll still be supporting a worthwhile cause.   

Dumb Friends League helps pets in many ways from affordable veterinary services to low-cost spay and neuter to vaccinations to end of life care for your pet.  They plan to open their second veterinary clinic in 2022.   

There are lots of ways you can support the good work of Dumb Friends League.  Of course, you can donate your money today or in the future with a planned legacy gift.  You can also volunteer or foster.  If you like to shop, you can support them at AmazonSmile.  You can also provide much needed supplies.   

Legacy gift supporters can also take advantage of the Pet Guardianship Program where loved pets will be placed into foster care and then a permanent home if something happens to the pet parents.  You can contact Dumb Friends League for more information.   

Make sure your pet has a plan for lifetime love and care.  Work with Animal Care Trust USA or work with your favorite organization today!  

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