Today we welcomed to All My Children Wear Fur Coats with Peggy Hoyt our special guest, Dr. Emily Stein.  Dr. Stein is known as the Bacteria Whisperer because she knows and understands things about bacteria that no one ever thought about.  As a result, she is an expert in bacteria that affects our dental health and ultimately, our overall health. She attended the Univeristy of Iowa where she first developed her fascination with the microbial universe.  After earning her degree in microbiology, she attended the University of California at Berkeley where she sharpened her understanding of how bacteria behave, consume and socialize for survival in every known environment.  After earning her PhD, she attended Stanford Univeristy to pursue a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Immunology & Rhematolgy.

Dr. Stein became interested in dental health when her grandmother was living in an assisted living and needed assistance with brushing her teeth.  Because she couldn’t brush her teeth regularly, and because it wasn’t high on the priority list for the staff at her facility, her dental health deterioriated.  When your teeth and gums aren’t healthy, you aren’t healthy either and can result in serious, even fatal outcomes.  This prompted Dr. Stein to create Daily Dental Care, LLC ( and her Smart Mintz lozenge for people.

As a dog lover, Dr. Stein, brought her expertise in the bacteria and dental world to the world of pets.  Teef! was created to promote a product designed to improve your dog’s dental health.  ​TEEF!’s initial product offering is a rapidly-dissolving water additive in powder form. The water delivery method is preferred because your dog gets a dose every time he takes a drink of water.  Each slurp helps to evenly disperse TEEF! on all surfaces of the mouth, working on the bacteria that exists everywhere – even below the gum line. You might also try TEEF! in ice cubes for your pup.  If you have ideas or suggestions for other creative ways to get your dog to drink TEEF!, please reach out to the TEEF! team today!  If your pet isn’t a big drinker, I suggested putting some in a sports bottle and squirting a small amount in their mouth throughout the day.  Although TEEF! is safe for cats, they are also working on a formulation specifically for our feline friends.  Horse lovers, they hope to have something available soon for your equine friends.

TEEF! is different from other dental care products because they’ve found that anti-microbial (killing ALL bacteria) is not a good solution for dental care. As a result, TEEF! is Pro-microbial. Nature created good, health-promoting bacteria essential to dental and overall health. TEEF! simply empowers those good bacteria to out-compete the bad bacteria for space in the mouth. This naturally balances the oral microbiome for a healthier mouth.

TEEF! donates 5% of their profits to organizations like Muttville and Animal Humane Society, organizations that promote the adoption of older dogs.  Older dogs often have dental issues that may prevent them from getting adopted because of the cost of dental care or the negative health effects caused by bad teeth.

You can join the TEEF! mailing list, watch their video or check out their Frequently Asked Questions at

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