Today’s guest on All My Children Wear Fur Coats was Bob Jenkins, Co-founder of Let Your Love Grow.  Let Your Love Grow (LYLG) is a unique, one-of-a-kind product.  For pet lovers that want to create a living memorial for a loved pet, LYLG is a scientifically designed product that neutralizes the sodium and pH levels of cremated remains (ashes) so they can be mixed with soil and plant life.

What is a living memorial? It is a special plant dedicated to a person or a pet’s life and legacy.  It can be a potted plant, a garden or a beautiful tree.  Living memorials can be a source of comfort and beauty as we remember those we love.  Usually, a living memorial will incorporate the cremated remains (also sometimes referred to as cremains or ashes) of a loved one, along with a special plant.

However, if you take cremains and mix them with soil to create your living memorial, you may be disappointed.  We learned that cremains are extremely high in sodium and pH.  As a result, they do not release the nutrients necessary to sustain a living memorial.  Let Your Love Grow blends with soil and ash (actually ground bone) to offset the natural toxicity of cremated remains by lowering the pH level and diluting the sodium level.   You can’t accomplish this result with either regular or potting soil.
You don’t have to be a master gardener to use LYLG.  The easy to use kits come with simple instructions and a measuring scoop to ensure you are using the correct ration of ashes to soil.  You can watch this informative video to learn more.

If you decide to scatter the cremated ashes rather than create a living memorial, it is important to blend LYLG and the ash and allow it to sit for at least 90 days.  This will allow time for the ashes to absorb the LYLG mixture and release the nutrients that will nurture future plants wherever you decide to scatter.
Let Your Love Grow works with all types of plants and trees.  Special consideration should be given for delicate plants like orchids and roses.

Let Your Love Grow also works with cremated ashes that have been around for years.  Sometimes people save remains for a future memorial or because they don’t want to leave the ashes of loved pets behind if they move.  Cremated remains remain stable for years and may be combined with LTYG at any time to create that special living memorial.

The world is constantly changing.  Countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are adopting LYLG because it is an ecologically friendly product that sustains plant life and keeps our planet green.  Studies are also being conducted at various locations around the globe that show LYLG allows the earth to be returned to its natural state years earlier than with conventional products.

Let Your Love Grow was developed after Co-founders, Annette and Bob Jenkins lost their beloved dog, Silke.  They wanted a way to create a living memorial to honor her memory.  You can honor the memory of your loved pet with LYLG.  Let Your Love Grow is available through their website or on Amazon.  If you shop on Amazon, you can sign up through Amazonsmile.com and select Animal Care Trust USA, Inc. as your charity of choice.

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