Kim Kapes is the founder/director of In Harmony with Nature Animal Haven located in Orlando, Florida.  Their passion is helping animals in need; specifically wolves and wolfdogs.  You might also find some typical canines, cats, pigs and reptiles.  You can visit their website at

Kim is also the author of the book, From Wags to Richeswhere you can learn from your dog the secrets and principles of becoming a better human being.  Kim is a K9 Relations Specialist.  She calls herself a specialist because she believes that dogs are truly the experts.  In the book, Kim shares her experience and gives you the tools to not only give your dog the best but to be the best yourself.  She wants to help people achieve the relationship they desire with their dogs.

Kim will guide you through the process of:
*The keys to grow personally fo the benefit of YOU and YOUR DOG
*Learning to bring into your life what you want
*The responsibilities of leadership and what that means for your dog and your life
*Understanding survival instinct, and the importance of decision making skills
*Earning trust and respect by guiding your emotions and feelings

Kiim is an expert in wolf and wolfdog behavior.  She does not recommend these animals be bred or kept as pets.  Like any wild animal, they have strong instincts for survival.  Issues of specific concern can include: 1.  Digging, 2. Jumping (fences of 6 feet or more), 3. Climbing, 4. Escape artist techniques where they actually watch and learn from you (e.g. opening a gate), 5. Potty training – takes a year or more (if ever), 6. Interior destruction, especially things made of leather, 7. Integration with other animals including small dogs, cats and other small family pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, and 8. Social interaction – most wolves and wolfdogs have a low desire to interact with people and can be reclusive in nature.

You can helpIn Harmony with Nature Animal Haven by making a donation of money, building materials or other needed items such as paper towels and clorox.  Reach out to find out what they need most.

You can also find them on FaceBook.

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