The frist time I met Sara Willerson with Horses, Heart and Soul, I knew I had a friend who shared a common passion – horses, horses, horses!  Sara is a life coach, psychotherapist and founder of Horses, Heart & Soul.  In 2001 Sara’s dad gave her the book The Tau of Equus.  This book confirmed what she already knew; that horses can help us heal.  Since 2003 her practice has focused on the benefits of equine facilitated therapies; specifically psychotherapy and now, life coaching.

Sara and her herd teach us how to be present, grounded and mindful.  These are attributes we can all aspire to in our daily lives.  Horses, as highly intelligent and intuitive beings, can help us listen to our emotions and provide insightful guidance.  A horse is a prey animal that is constantly scanning its environment and evaluating everything that comes into their space.  Without this ability to be “ultra aware”, a horse in the wild could not survive.  This is one reason Sara particularly enjoys working with wild Mustangs.

Sara is working on bringing a new program to her clients – The Art of Holding Space.  This program should be available this summer and can be attended by Zoom teleconference.  Visit Horses, Heart and Soul for more information and to join her mailing list.