Pet Trust Survey

This Pet Trust Survey is designed to help pet parents decide which pet trust is right for them and their loved pet. Please tally your answers (answer 1, answer 2 or answer 3) so you can identify which pet trust suits you best at the end of this multiple choice quiz.

We hope this will help you organize your thoughts regarding the care of your pets. Ultimately, Animal Care Trust USA is here to help you and serve as a resource to you and your loved pet.

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    Mostly Answer 1- Consider the ACT4Pets Community Pet Trust. It’s our easiest and most budget friendly option. It’s ideal for pet parents with only one or easy to care for pets. We’ve prepared the Master Trust. You’ll sign a Joinder Agreement, complete a Forever Loved Pet Profile, provide proof of funding and enroll in our Forever Loved Pet Protection Plan.

    Mostly Answer 2- Consider the Forever Loved Pet Trust. This option is ideal for multiple pets or the person who wants help but has a good idea of who they will choose as a pet caregiver. We’ve prepared the draft trust, you’ll personalize it to meet your needs by naming your own pet caregiver, pet trustee and remainder beneficiary. If you need more, enlist the help of Animal Care Trust USA for placement and pet trustee services.

    Mostly Answer 3 - Consider a Custom Pet Trust. You can engage your own attorney, we can help you find one, or use one of ours. A Custom Pet Trust is for pet parents who want the maximum control over the lifetime love and care for their loved pets. If you want your pet to stay in your home, you have very specific care requirements or you have hard to place pets, this might be your best option. Animal Care Trust USA can provide pet trustee services to give you peace of mind for the lifetime of your pet.

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