Meet Dana Humphrey, The Pet Lady!  Dana is originally from the Bay Area in California.  Today she resides in New York City.  You can find Dana on Twitter @PetLadyWorld, on FaceBookLinkedIn and Instagram.

Dana shared her insights on a number of pet related topics and trends.  She grew up with a pug, named Winston.  Her first job out of college was with Muttropolis where she and Winston had the opportunity to meet lots of pet industry experts and celebrities.  This introduction into the pet world is where she got her name, The Pet Lady!  Since then, she has been working in the ever changing and exciting industry of pets.

The Pet Lady shared with our listeners some important insights on travelling with your pets.  It’s easier now, more than ever, to find places that welcome pets.  If you enjoy air travel, check out the mileage programs offered by some airlines so your pets can get their miles too.  In addition, many airports now offer really nice pet relief zones.  Dana recommends always letting the airline know in advance you will be travelling with your pet – just so there are no surprises and they can plan ahead for proper seating.  She recommended two carrier products for travel offered by Sturdi Pet Products (soft case) and PetMate (hard case).  Spend time getting your pet acclimated to their carrier so the experience is calm and peaceful, more zen-like.  You can also include a favorite toy or article of clothing that smells like you.  Check out Digz from StuffnSniff, a dog toy that has a special compartment for placing a scented article of clothing.

If you are interested in pet conferences, check out Global Pet Expo, coming to Orlando in late February.  Global is the nation’s largest pet products conference.  If you are on the West Coast, there’s Super Zoo in Las Vegas each August.  Looks for other regional pet conferences around the country. For networking opportunities, explore your opportunities at Women In the Pet Industry (WIPIN).  Shawna Schuh is the founder of WIPIN and each year they crown a Woman of the Year.  A fun fact:  I am the reigning Woman of the Year for the Entrepreneur category.  Nomination for Woman of the Year open March 1.

New pet products to check out include the Bully Buddy for dogs, a safety device to keep dogs from choking on bully sticks.  For cats, consider Basepaws, a 23 and me type product to learn about the heritage and legacy of your feline friend.  For dog lovers you can also check out the latest rage, “dryland mush” or “urban mushing” using a Sacco dog cart  other two wheeled vehicles.

Dana shared her thoughts on some trends in the pet industry.  She feels there is a current focus on gut health, the growth in cat ownership and emerging trends with small animals like hamsters, rats and bunnies.

If you are a new or aspiring pet owner, Dana reflected by own philosophy of “Adopt, don’t shop.”  There are lots of alternatives to retail pet outlets and breeders.  But, don’t go to “just look” without being prepared.  You might fall in love and you want to make sure that your new baby will have everything he or she needs.  You’ll want to make sure your new pet has plenty of time to adjust to its new environment.  You’ll want food, bedding, toys, a leash and collar.  You may even need piddle pads if you are considering a new puppy. Pet ownership is a lifetime commitment and should not be undertaken lightly.  If you aren’t sure, you can always foster before adopting.

So far, 2020 has been a blast for Dana.  She had the opportunity to meet Oprah Winfrey as she gets ready to launch her 2020 Vision Tour.   If you want to keep up with Dana, find her on FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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