Our guest today was Reagan Pasternak, a well-known actress and now author of a new book on pet loss.  Griffin’s Heart was inspired by the loss of Reagan’s beloved soulmate animal who died at the age of seven.  That experience gave her the desire to help others through the painful journey experienced when we lose a beloved pet.   

Griffin’s Heart is described as more than just a book because it is also a journal, a workbook, and a keepsake all in one.  She encourages her readers to actively participate in the healing process. There are opportunities for journaling, saving photos and engaging in healing exercises.  

The book is divided into three parts:  1.  Easing your way in – where does the pain go? 2. Active remembering – using tangible exercises and creating ways to think differently about the loss of your pet.   3. Saying goodbye.   

Reagan wants her readers to know they are not alone.  You don’t have to feel lost or isolated and Griffin’s Heart can provide the tools to help navigate this traumatic event, the loss of a loved pet.   

There’s lots of ways you can learn more.  You can purchase Griffin’s Heart on Amazon.com.  You can also find Reagan on FaceBookTwitter and Instagram.   


Note:  When you purchase a copy of Reagan’s book through our link above, you’ll be making a donation to Animal Care Trust USA, Inc.  Thank you.   

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