Christine Massinger is the Executive Director and President of the Horse Protection Association of Florida. For over 25 years she has been a university professor in higher education, but she started her career as a state prosecutor. Christine was elected Pennsylvania’s youngest female judge at the age of 27 and served in that capacity for ten years. During her time on the bench she presided over hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases including cases involving animal cruelty and neglect. Christine and her husband Doug are proud “parents” to their 16 animals! For more than ten years Christine has been a licensed Parelli Professional and is considered an expert in equine safety practices. .

The Horse Protection Association of Florida (HPAF) has been in action for 31 years and is the loving home to around 50 horses. Their goal is to rescue neglected and abandoned horses. Not only that, but they hope to get these amazing animals adopted into loving homes. Another component important to the HPAF is to educate the public on all aspects of horses, especially natural horsemanship methods. Natural horsemanship relates to how a horse acts, thinks, and plays. Many of the horses at the farm remain in their care due to existing health issues. There are numerous loving and talented horses in their care who will never be placed as most people only seek to adopt ridable horses. These horses without a doubt can fulfill many activities other than riding. The Horse Protection Association of Florida ensures that when they rescue an equine, they commit to that equine for the remainder of its life.

Taking care of horses does not come at a small cost. HPAF spends 9,000 dollars a month to care for the horses. This does not include vet visits, or staffing costs. In 2022 the annual cost to care for a single horse is estimated at 4,000 dollars. HPAF operates solely on donations and the generosity of its supporters. They are looking for 100 acres in the Ocala area as a permanent home. Their current location has a lack of drainage causing horses to develop abscesses, or other hoof related aliments when there is excessive rain.

Thank you to Christine and her dedicated team for giving these horses a forever loving home. If you would like to take part in supporting HPAF and their horses you can make a donation on their website at 

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