We were joined by Chris Roy, founder of Doobert on today’s episode of All My Children Wear Fur Coats.  Doobert empowers animal welfare organizations through custom-built tools for animal rescue.  Doobert has features that are built to streamline foster communication and management.  They also make it easy for rescues to connect with other organizations and volunteers so they can save more animals.  Doobert also allows volunteers freedom to choose how they want to help the animal organizations they want to work with.    Read more

Daniel Schulof is the author of Dogs, Dog Food and DogmaThe Silent Epidemic Killing America’s Dogs and the New Science That Could Save Your Best Friend’s Life and is the founder of KetoNatural Pet Foods.  He joined us on All My Children Wear Fur Coats to discuss his book and his company.  

Daniel is a lawyer turned entrepreneur, activist and science-minded individual who backs his claims with substantial research.  His book has been called “The most rigorous and probing canine nutrition book ever written.”  His book has two primary theses – 1. Dietary carbohydrates are the fundamental cause of obesity in dogs, and 2.  Big pet food companies (he calls them, “Big Kibble”) are shaping our thinking because 90% of kibble products have carbohydrates as a primary ingredient.  Yet, dog food companies are not required to report the levels of dietary starch or sugars in their foods.    Read more

Our guest on behalf of Dogs of Pride and Finnessiam Holistic Health was owner/founder, Wendie Patrick.  We discovered we had a lot of things in common, not the least of which is our love for dogs.  Wendie has had a lifelong passion for animals and more recently a revelation in her own health.  She is committed to sharing her energy, skills, knowledge and experiences to give everyone, both two and four-legged solutions for feeling better.   

Wendie is the owner of Dogs of Pride, a natural pet company that helps pet parents get to the root of their pet’s health problems.  They are purveyors of professional products for pampered pets and their people.  Wendie loves to educate and empower pet parents to make informed decisions and provides a natural and safe alternative to commonly used pet products.  All products are safe for pets and have been tested first on humans, namely, Wendie!  You can visit her online store or search for a store near you!    Read more

I had the pleasure today of speaking with Jayne Vitale, Director of Education and Your Programs, Tommy Frisina, Social Media Outreach Coordinator and Debbie Hibbard, Director of Gift Planning with North Shore Animal League also called Animal League America.  Each of these individuals is responsible for a portion of the day to day operations of North Shore Animal League America, located in Port Washington, NY.   Read more

Today’s guests were Scott Fine, founder of Joey’s Legacy, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to pet parents who are the victims of veterinary malpractice and Jerry (J.L.) Robb, author of the book Joey’s Legacy – Seeking Truth and Integrity in Veterinary Medicine, Volumes I and II (so far).  Both men are also responsible for the inspiration and funding of the upcoming documentary by well-known and eight (8) time Emmy award winning director and producer, John Biffar.    Read more

Our guest today was Reagan Pasternak, a well-known actress and now author of a new book on pet loss.  Griffin’s Heart was inspired by the loss of Reagan’s beloved soulmate animal who died at the age of seven.  That experience gave her the desire to help others through the painful journey experienced when we lose a beloved pet.   

Griffin’s Heart is described as more than just a book because it is also a journal, a workbook, and a keepsake all in one.  She encourages her readers to actively participate in the healing process. There are opportunities for journaling, saving photos and engaging in healing exercises.  

Read more

There’s nothing more American than American Pet Professionals.  This award-winning organization represents pet professionals from all over the country that want to learn best practices and to grow their pet-related businesses.  Today, the pet industry generates more than $100 billion dollars in annual revenue!  Nancy Hassell, founder and CEO, is committed full-time to providing value, education, up-to-date industry and business information while providing constant support it her members.  Best of all, APP offers a community of like-minded busy pet professionals an opportunity to network with others who serve the best interests of our pes.    Read more

Can you become a better leader and learn something from your pets?  Absolutely!  Shawna Schuh is an executive coach and expert in the pet industry.  She is also the founder of Women in the Pet Industry and is a Certified speaking Professional, and Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. She also owns a horse boarding facility and lives in rural western Oregon with horses, dogs, and one old cat.  

Women in the Pet Industry Network was a passion project for Shawna where her mission was to unite women pet leaders worldwide. This is how I came to know Shawna personally and to call her a friend.  Sometimes I truly believe we were twins separated at birth we have so many common interests and beliefs.    Read more

What an interesting show!  Our guest was Caleb Gilmore, President of Suzie’s Pet Treats.  Suzie’s was co-founded by Richard Squire and Caleb Gilmore.  Richard was a family friend of the Gilmores and entrepreneur who encouraged Caleb to leave college and pursue a career as an independent business owner.  Caleb took the leap and has never looked back.  

Suzie was Richard’s dog and the inspiration for Suzie’s Pet Treats.  After Richard had a back operation and some experience with prescription opioids, he discovered that DBD provided relief from the pain and inflammation.  Suzie was aging and having difficult getting up sometimes.  Richard started giving her a CBD treat and the results were amazing – for both of them!    Read more

How do you avoid buying pet products that contain toxic chemicals?  I asked myself this question recently and found our show’s guest, Leigh Matthews with LeafScore.  LeafScore is a website devoted to fighting climate change by helping consumers make greener purchasing decisions.  This has never been more important than now.   

At LeafScore, they believe that quality follows sustainability.  As a result, generally the best and longest lasting products are almost always made with sustainable, natural, nontoxic and organic ingredients and materials.  When you purchase from companies that support the planet, you “vote with your dollars” by putting pressure on manufacturers to factor in the environment, not just their bottom line.    Read more