All My Children Wear Fur Coats was honored to welcome special guest, Anna Skaya, founder and CEO of Basepaws. Basepaws is currently the world’s only company that does DNA sequencing for cats, much like the DNA sequencing for humans and for dogs.

The future of cat DNA testing can be found at You can get to know your cat’s wild ancestry, it’s domestic breed characteristics and most importantly, your cat’s genetic markers that may provide a window into your cat’s health and wellness history.

Basepaws was founded by Anna Skaya, a four-time entrepreneur and cat lover. After meeting with respresentatives from 23 and Me, she decided to launch Basepaws to explore the world of cat genetics.

There are two primary reasons to test your cat’s DNA:

  1. Learn about all of your cat’s breed history and the different types of breeds that make up your cat and his or her personality.
  2. Test for 40 different traits or health markers that can give a view into the health history of your cat and their predisposition to certain diseases.  Our DNA speaks loud and clear when it comes to identifying underlying disease.

Getting your cat’s DNA isn’t hard.  There are essentially four steps:

  1. Order the kit online at  Right now there are some holiday specials when you order more than one kit.
  2. Swab your cat’s mouth to get some cheek or tongue cells with the provided test kit.
  3. Return the kit to the Basepaws lab in Los Angeles, CA.
  4. Receive your report in about 6-9 weeks.  You can view a sample report for Anna’s cat Koko online.  Your report will provide information on breed groups, the wildcat index and important health markers.

Anna feels strongly that cats are underrepresented in the health care field. Testing your cat’s DNA is a great way to get to know your cat better but also to provide important data so that we can all benefit from each cat who participates in building the data base. If your cat has a specific health condition you may be eligible to participate in a research study.  Find out if you qualify by visiting the research page at

Basepaws was featured on Shark Tank in May 2019. Check out this video for more information. Two sharks got into a “cat fight” and Basepaws was offered a deal from both.

There’s no better time than now to order your Basepaws DNA kit for your cat. 

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