Today’s show featured entrepreneur, dog dad to Randall and founder of BarkYours, Corey Abramowitz. is a marketplace for sellers and buyer of all things dog related.  The site features independent artists who have created unique, original dog-inspired products & gifts.    

Corey is an entrepreneur who managed his own staffing firm until he recognized there was a large community of independent artists who also love their dogs and who create dog-related products.  

Do you have a dog loving friend who has everything?  How about a person who treasures anything that reminds them of their four-legged, furry dog-faced friend? BarkYours is the place for people who create and sell special products inspired by our best friends.   

Dog lovers are searching for that perfect gift.  BarkYours is committed to connecting dog lovers to the gifts that remind them of their furry best friends.  They make it easy for sellers to reach a very targeted audience – dog lovers.  

It’s easy to sign up as a buyer or a seller.  There are no membership or listing fees. For Buyers, as you browse you can add items to your Wish List.  For Sellers, there are no fees until you make a sale.  

BarkYours donates a portion of every sale to charities that support the well-being of dogs.  So, when you buy something, there’s something for you and something for the dogs!   

You can shop at BarkYours.  You can sell on BarkYoursYou can also find them on FaceBookInstagramTwitter, Pinterest and other social media sites.  Check out their blog for interesting tips and articles.   


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